All about threeBuzz
  1. Is threeBuzz free ?

    Yes Absolutely

  2. Why threeBuzz ?

    We store your important information at one place, so that you can find it easily when you need it. We check on you every 3 months, and will proceed to check further with your trusted persons accordingly And finally, we help you to give the important information to your trusted persons when the situation calls for it.

  3. How does threeBuzz check on my health ?

    Through 3 monthly emails, and subsequently, through the application itself.

  4. How do I tell threeBuzz that I am well ?

    Simple. Just click on the link in the email that will reply to us that you are well.

  5. When will threeBuzz contact my trusted persons ?

    When you do not reply to our 3 consecutive Buzz emails (one email per week) that checks on your well being, then we will proceed to check on your well being with your 3 trusted persons. We will send each trusted person a total of 3 emails delivered over 3 weeks; one email per week, to check on your well-being. We will start with your 1st trusted person, and if he/she does not reply, we will then proceed to the next trusted person until we have sent mails to all your trusted person. Should none of them acknowledge your well-being, we will re-convene again to send the Buzz email to you.

  6. When will threeBuzz release my information ?

    After all 3 trusted persons have given proof of you being in the same condition, whether permanently incapacitated or have passed on, then threeBuzz will release all your contents to all 3 trusted persons at the same time via the emails of your trusted persons.

  7. How do I make a Will ?

    A lawyer can certainly make a Will for you. In Singapore, anyone aged 21 and above can write a Will, which is validated with the signatures of two witnesses who are not its beneficiaries. One does not need to go to a lawyer to write a Will nor deposit his Will information to make the document effective. It is also not compulsory for one to register the existence of his Will.

  8. Where do I store a Will?

    Some hide their Wills, but then the Will is of no use if the beneficiaries are unable to find it or do not know of the will’s existence. Some people keep their Wills in a bank safe deposit box. It might not be a good idea as the deposit box and all items in it are frozen upon the deceased of the account holder. Others keep their Wills with legal professionals but they might lose contact as the business closed down or moved location. You can also consider Professional Will Custody Service. We suggest you use threeBuzz to store a copy of your Will for reference purpose. At the same time, indicate in threeBuzz the location of the original Will. If anything happens to you, your trusted persons will then know of your Will’s existence and where it is stored.

  9. Are copies of a will legitimate?

    No. The original will is need for it to be executed. However, threeBuzz ensures that your trusted persons know of your Will.

  10. How are wishes different from a Will?

    A Will is a legal document that gives specific instructions for the distribution of your assets. A wish list is a list of things you desire, including things that you wish to be carried out. An example is a wish to be buried at sea. We may not on a regular basis bring up things we wish to be done to our family members. So you can write or or print out all your wishes, and store them in threeBuzz. This list of wishes will also be released to your trusted persons at the right time.

  11. What other contents should I put into threeBuzz?

    Any of your assets that your loved ones may not be aware of. Examples are : Bank account number, Title deeds, Stocks and shares account numbers, Antiques, Precious stones, Coins and stamp collections, Location of your Safe Deposit Box Key

  12. How will threeBuzz know something has happened to me and therefore take steps to release my information to my trusted persons?

    If you have not responded to our email or push messages to you, threeBuzz will contact your trusted persons. Alternatively, your trusted persons, if they know something has happened to you, they can contact threeBuzz directly. Please refer to Q6 on how we will release your information to your trusted persons.